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Cooking & Nutrition

In Cooking and Nutrition, the curriculum aims to teach children how to cook, with an emphasis on savoury dishes and how to apply the principles of a healthy and varied diet through learning how to apply these basic principles in order to eat healthily and have good nutrition.

As they progress through school, children learn how to prepare and cook a variety of dishes. At Snapethorpe, we allow our children time to apply new skills taught and build on those they have already developed through a range of cooking lessons and opportunities. Children learn where food comes from, both physically and in what part of the world and go on to recognise that there is seasonality in respect of how food is grown, reared, caught and processed. Our curriculum recognises that cooking is an important life skill that will help children to feed themselves and others with nutritious, healthy and affordable food, now and in the future, potentially halting – and even reversing – the growth of diet-related illnesses.

Opportunities for Cooking and Nutrition are planned for through the well- structured ‘Creative Curriculum’. This allows the children to apply their skills through a range of different subjects such as history and geography. Each year group should also include an opportunity where possible and build on previous skills and knowledge, with a stand-alone lesson each term. Opportunities are also planned through English, Maths and Science, in terms of instructions, weighing and mixing ingredients, observing change, healthy eating and food tasting. At Snapethorpe, our children in Year 4 to 6 take part in Scouting on a Friday afternoon. During these sessions, children choose which badges they wish to complete and often opt to achieve the ‘cooking’ badge. This allows the children additional opportunities to develop their cooking and nutrition knowledge and skills as they have to plan the meals and order the ingredients for a 2 or 3 course meal (depending if they are cubs or scouts) and then as a small group cook and serve the meals. During Scouts, the children also have weekly access to our outdoor fire put in which many groups choose to make a variety of different savoury and sweet dishes on applying their knowledge of cooking and nutrition.