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At Snapethorpe Primary School we understand that how a child behaves can be a sign of an underlying issue or as a result of trauma. The school recognises its legal duty under the Equality Act 2010 to prevent pupils with a protected characteristic from being at a disadvantage. Consequently, our approach to challenging behaviour may be differentiated to cater to the needs of the pupils. Staff are trained to look out for changes in behaviour which could include:

  • A child who is withdrawn and unable to make friends
  • A child who is unable to concentrate on classwork
  • A child who may become disruptive and / or aggressive in class 

In such cases any emotional / behavioural difficulties should be determined. Pupils will be given the opportunity to express their thoughts and feelings with a chosen adult either individually or with a Learning Mentor. We may also take the decision to refer to an outside agency for additional emotional support or for identified pupils to attend a 12 week intervention program in SWAN base. This provides a small group planned intervention for pupils with behaviour needs and is used as a preventative measure to support pupils at risk of suspension

The SWAN Base provides an intervention to support pupils who struggle to manage their behaviour.  SWAN offers academic support;  Anger Management (using a programme called Zones of Regulation;  behaviour for learning and success; relaxation techniques and a range of creative interventions. Pupils are assessed regularly using the SDQ assessment and the R.A.G (Red, Amber, Green) review assessment. Adults have daily contact with parents/carers to discuss their child’s progress.  Pupils access SWAN daily starting at 8.45 to 2.45pm. Pupils enter and exit the SWAN Base via the Year 6 door on the 5/6 playground, a member of SWAN staff greets parents/carers  and pupils on arrival.

SWAN base staff:

Mrs Renshaw (Base Manager) Miss Carter (Specialist Teaching Assistant)


SWAN uses  an attachment and trauma friendly approach which offers and encourages warmth, clear boundaries and high expectations so that all our pupils can reach their full potential. They are supported to re-integrate back into class following a 10/12 week intervention. We understand the complex needs of our pupils who find class a challenge.

Pupils are provided with opportunities to succeed academically, physically and emotionally. The intervention contributes to each pupil’s ability to self-regulate and build resilience to manage their behaviour in a positive manner, embracing every opportunity to develop basic skills in reading, writing and maths. SWAN works closely and collectively with pupils, parents/carers and other professionals to ensure individual needs are assessed and met. They work closely with class teachers and other staff so that the pupil's re-integration into class is effective and successful.