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Curriculum Excellence



'The comprehensive and exciting curriculum ensures that pupils access a range of exciting trips and visits to broaden their knowledge and experiences. A very large majority of pupils attend extra-curricular clubs.'   

'The school’s curriculum provides exciting, stimulating and relevant contexts through which pupils can develop their basic skills and become increasingly responsible citizens. It is tailored and adapted to meet the needs of pupils in this area of Wakefield, and is underpinned by such themes as resilience, aspiration, enterprise and mutual respect. These themes are woven through the curriculum. A large number of extra-curricular clubs, around 15 per week, are attended by nearly half of all pupils at school. Activities such as art, baking, modelling, computing and gardening support pupils’ learning very effectively.'

'The curriculum is enriched and enlivened by a series of visitors to school, and visits to places of local interest that hook pupils’ imaginations and curiosity. These opportunities stimulate pupils’ thirst for knowledge. For example, pupils talked animatedly about visiting the seaside or the Jorvik Viking Centre in York.'

'The curriculum promotes a ‘can do’ ethos, within which everyone is accepted and expected to thrive. Pupils show great respect and tolerance of individual differences and lifestyles, learning to work cooperatively with each other. Their spiritual, moral, social and cultural development is excellent. The school has innovatively introduced six Cub Scout packs, officially commissioned, to enhance further this aspect of the school’s provision.' 




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