Wakefield Snapethorpe Primary School

Caring for All: Learning for Life

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Our Vision and Values


 At Snapethorpe Primary, we proudly embrace a values-driven approach to education, cultivating an environment where children learn and flourish together. Our commitment to inclusivity is the bedrock of our educational philosophy, as we recognise and celebrate the unique strengths and qualities that each child brings to our school community.

Positive relationships form the heart and soul of Snapethorpe Primary. We believe that a nurturing environment is essential for the holistic development of our students. Relationships built on trust, honesty and kindness are not only key for our students and staff but also for our parents, carers and the wider community.

At the core of our values is the unwavering dedication to ensuring that every child feels safe, valued and supported. We recognise the importance of not only academic growth but also social and emotional well-being. Through fostering empathy, understanding, and mutual respect, we empower our students to thrive in both their personal and academic pursuits.

Snapethorpe Primary is more than a school; it's a community where positive relationships flourish and where the journey of learning is shared by all, making a lasting impact on the lives of our students.

We teach our children the Learning Powers of Aspiration, Independence, Engagement, Curiosity and Resilience so that by the time they leave our school, our children will embody a passion for learning and a mindset of continuous growth. They will possess the confidence to explore new ideas, ask probing questions and seek innovative solutions. Our students will embrace diversity, recognising the richness it brings to their learning journey and will have learned how to approach every opportunity with open-mindedness and tolerance.

Through a dynamic and inclusive learning environment, we will inspire our students to develop the skills, attitudes, and values needed to thrive in an ever-changing world. We will instil in them a sense of curiosity, adaptability and perseverance, enabling them to navigate challenges with resilience and determination.

At Snapethorpe Primary, our vision is to nurture a generation of lifelong learners who are not only prepared to excel academically but also to make meaningful contributions to their communities and the wider world.



Our School Motto

The writing of this statement was a joint effort of our school community and we feel it truly represents our school.  To ensure that our school motto reflected all of our values we decided it was time for a new motto. This process involved all pupils and staff offering ideas and then voting first for a shortlist and then for the final decision.  The final vote was for ‘Caring for All: Learning for Life’ – which was an idea put forward by a child but which all feel is truly representative of Snapethorpe.


The pupils were similarly involved in identifying the Super Learning Powers needed to help them achieve academically and these are identified below.



Values - Super Learning Powers:


KS2 Understanding

KS1 Understanding


We have high expectations for our learning

We set goals and challenge ourselves

We have a positive attitude to learning

We always try our best


We use our initiative to help us

We think of and use different ways to solve problems

We take responsibility for our learning

We think about how to solve problems


We are focus our minds on our learning

We use recall to support our understanding

We are reflective about our experiences

We focus on our learning


We wonder

We ask

We seek

We wonder and ask questions


We persevere with challenges

We learn from mistakes

We regulate our emotions

We never give up