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At Snapethorpe, history is taught in half termly units (two units a year) using the national curriculum objectives in chronological order. These objectives have been broken down onto a skills breakdown document which identifies clear links and progression from EYFS to Year 6. This information can be found on our whole school coverage documents and medium term plans which are published on the school’s website. This information is also shared with parents on a half termly newsletter. 



As a school, we have ensured each area of focus is broken down into year group specific expectations allowing the children to develop new knowledge and skills and then build on these as they progress through the year groups. Our history curriculum develops a coherent knowledge and understanding of Britain’s past and that of the wider world. Teaching equips pupils to ask perceptive questions, think critically, weigh evidence, sift arguments, and develop perspective and judgement. The skills are identified on the medium term plans for teachers to ensure prior knowledge is reviewed throughout school; initially this is reviewed through metacognition lessons to start the unit which allows children to recall prior learning links that will support with their new knowledge. Alongside the skills on the medium term plans, tier 2 and tier 3 vocabulary is specifically identified which teachers will refer back to throughout the unit and children are required to learn and recall.


At Snapethorpe, teachers provide children with appropriate activities to match the key knowledge being taught during each topic. They ensure that activities are matched to their needs to ensure that all children have the opportunity to make progress in this subject and make the best possible outcome for them. During lessons, teachers use marking, feedback and metacognitive approaches to check understanding of taught content so that gaps and misconceptions can be identified and addressed.  At the end of a unit of work, children complete a mini quiz to help monitor their learning and understanding of the knowledge that has been taught. Assessments are also completed by the class teachers so that progress of different groups of children can be monitored and support put in place where needed.




At the end of each topic, the majority of children will be able to recall the knowledge statements that have been taught and make links with prior learning. They will be able to talk about their learning confidently and begin to show an understanding of the key historical threads (change, legacy, empire, religion, conflict and settlement). Children will be able to apply this knowledge when completing a range of tasks that help them to develop their understanding of how historians have used sources to construct knowledge about the past (historical interpretations; cause and consequence; change and continuity; similarity and difference; and historical significance).


Below you can find the whole school overview for the History coverage per year group, the historical concepts taught across school alongside the threads covered in each unit and the medium term plans for each unit.   

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To find further information relating to learning in individual year groups, please use the year group tabs on the website homepage.