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The aim of the curriculum is to give our children knowledge, understanding and experiences related to Christianity and other religions widely followed in Britain today. To aid this, all children attend our link Church, St George’s, regularly to take part in activities linked to their current RE learning. Nursery are visited twice a year by St George’s church and Reception also have extra visits to further develop their knowledge. During the church visits children will partake in: a wedding, Christening, Remembrance service and Christingle.

Each year group covers specific subjects and units half termly; this information can be found on our whole school coverage documents on our school website and newsletters to parents half termly.



RE is taught at Snapethorpe using the Wakefield Agreed RE syllabus. In addition to this, we also use the supporting units of work to ensure progression, coverage and to provide an engaging, hands-on RE curriculum.

RE begins in Nursery through sharing religious stories such as Noah’s Ark, and by celebrating festivals and events from other religions such as Diwali. In Reception, this develops to include special people, special times and special places as well as thinking about belonging.

In key stage 1, children learn more about Christianity and build upon the knowledge and experiences from EYFS. They also begin to learn about the Jewish and Islamic faith.

Throughout lower key stage 2, children continue to learn about Christianity in Britain today, Judaism alongside what it's like to be a Muslim in Britain today, whilst building upon their tolerance and mutual respect for other religions who may not believe in God such as Humanists. They are then introduced to the Hindu faith and begin to develop their knowledge for this religion. 

In upper key stage 2, children continue to learn about Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism and the Islamic faith, thinking about what it is like to be a Muslim in Britain today. They also compare the beliefs of Christians and Humanists, thinking about the core values and beliefs. The sessions in upper key stage 2 allow the children to use their developed knowledge and understanding to discuss in further detail many of the expected objectives.

Children also have the opportunities to attend the Remembrance Service, Christingle service and the school choir are also highly involved in this event. Lots of hands on experiences are provided for our children, including Church visits, correspondence with the Church and real artefacts and religious objects for the children to explore as well as virtual tours of other places of Worship.

RE is taught weekly in all year groups, except Nursery. Children in EYFS are constantly thinking about what makes them the same as each other and also the differences between themselves and others, the things that people believe that may be different to themselves and take part in celebrations and festivals from a wide range of religions as part of the People and Communities section of the Understanding the World area of learning within the Development Matters curriculum document.



At Snapethorpe Primary we hope to provide our children with an engaging, inspiring and informative Religious Education.

The assessment data supports that children are engaging with the RE curriculum with enthusiasm, leading to knowledge being learnt and retained, which is built upon and expanded as the children continue their RE journey through school.

The impact will be seen by EYFS children having explored special times, places, people and events, in preparation for beginning to look in depth at a diverse range of religions and beliefs. Children can recall the specific stories shared with them and key knowledge of religions. Children throughout Y1-6 are able to recall knowledge around differing religions and in UKS2 can also compare between religions. The planning, resources and work produced is to a high quality and shows progression.


Below you can find the whole school overview for the RE coverage per year group and additional information on the half termly newsletters