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School Council 2022-2023

What does the school council do at our school?

  • We meet every few weeks as a group with Miss Walsh to discuss current school issues.
  • We represent our class and give all pupils a voice.
  • We help with the interview process when appointing new staff for our school.
  • We hold circle times in our own classes to raise and discuss issues.
  • We help with evidence trails that other adults around school may be doing.
  • We gather ideas from our class and complete surveys when needed.
  • We feedback to our classes after every meeting to inform them of what was discussed and how their opinions were shared with other members of the School Council. 
This year we have lots of great ideas of things we would like to achieve as a school council. A lot of our ideas centre around returning to a more 'normal' school life following the restrictions from the pandemic. As a group, we created a mind map of everything we wanted to achieve and we had lots of ideas! We've decided to start with a couple of important areas. We would like to set up sports leaders across school again as this hasn't been possible due to the pandemic. We would like to help the environment around school by going on a litter picking trip somewhere local. We want to use our voice to share our class's opinions about school life in a sensible way and feedback information clearly. 

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Our work during the academic year 2022-2023.

-Organise sports leaders to run at lunchtimes. This included giving out application forms, sorting them and carrying out interviews. We then placed them on to playgrounds. (The sports leaders also have weekly training to support them in their roles.)
-School council have fed back on how effective they are on each playground.
-School council met with Labour MP Simon Lightwood to have a Q&A. They collected questions from their classes which they shared in the meeting. They then fed these back to classes following the meeting. The children were amazing and very sensible!
-We are currently completing safeguarding surveys with our classes to gain their views on behaviour and safety across school.
-We have also supported Year 1 to complete the survey. We went in to classes and helped them read and answer the questions.

What have we done in previous years.

  •  We have completed pupil questionnaires with our classes about behaviour and safety as well as pupil voice to help gather evidence for our school and find out what we need to improve at.
  • We have discussed the lunchtime equipment, to ensure that the equipment is being used appropriately across school.
  • We asked our classes what equipment they would like in the playgrounds and worked together to create a school order. When the order arrived, we helped to unpack and distribute the equipment fairly across the playgrounds.   
  • At the start of the school year, we recognised that our Sports Leader system needed reviewing so we spent time in our meetings discussing this and gathered ideas from our classes about how this could be improved.
  • We created job descriptions and application forms for all of the lunchtime jobs available. To promote this we then led an assembly to inform all of the Key Stage 2 children about the changes and how they could apply. We then spent our lunchtimes handing out application forms for children who wished to apply.
  • Once all of the application forms had been collected, we shortlisted suitable candidates based on their responses and created interview questions.
  • We then carried out interviews with all of the candidates and recorded responses to the questions asked. Using all of this information, we then created a new Sports Leader rota to implement across school. These Sports Leaders have all been in role since Spring 1.  
  • We have introduced paper recycling bins to all classes and staff printing areas throughout school. We are responsible for the upkeep of these recycling bins, ensuring that they are emptied when needed.