Wakefield Snapethorpe Primary School

Working Together And Achieving More

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St George's Road, Wakefield, West Yorkshire, WF2 8AA


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Headteacher: Mr K Lockwood

Deputy Headteacher: Mrs M Cross



Assistant Headteacher: Miss C Mills        Assistant Headteacher: Miss R Gundill       Assistant Headteacher: Miss K Carter (P/T 3)         Assistant Headteacher: Mrs A Goodfellow (P/T 2)


Inclusion Leader: Mrs H Paterson        School Business Manager: Mrs D Parker

Early Years Foundation Stage


Miss E King (Teacher),  Mrs K Schofield (NNEB) (4 days)

Mrs L Hargill (TA), Miss L Wallace (TA), Miss M Padden (TA)


Mrs S Sadler (Teacher), Mrs M Haigh (EYFS Phase Leader), Miss V Perry (Teacher)

Mrs S Gelder (TA), Miss J Burkinshaw (1:1 TA), Miss Marshall (TA), Mrs G Thompson (TA) Mrs L Whitley  (1:1 TA), Mrs H Felkin (TA) Miss L Harrison ( 1:1 TA)

Key Stage 1

Year 1

Mrs G Moorhouse (Teacher), Mrs D Greenwood(Teacher), Miss S Pamment (Teacher)

Mrs K Coop (TA), Mrs D Goodair (TA) , Mrs J Dyson (1:1 TA), Mrs J Howard (1:1 TA)

Year 2

Miss H Walsh (KS1 Phase Leader),  Mrs E Lewney (Teacher) & Mrs A Goodfellow (Teacher & AHT), Miss H Kidger (Teacher)

Miss S McNicholas (TA), Mrs F Spiers (TA), Miss J Burgon (TA),  Mrs D Parkin (1:1 TA), Miss R Ridge (1:1 TA), Mrs K Spurr (TA)

Lower Key Stage 2:

Year 3

Miss M Pratt(Teacher), Mrs S Macey(Teacher), Miss K Grimwood (Teacher)

Mrs D Cotos (TA), Mrs D Roberts (1:1 TA), Mrs S Mandighomi (1:1 TA), Miss L Thompson (1:1 TA)

Year 4

Mrs E Brandwood-Wilson (LKS2 Phase Leader), Miss S Proctor (Teacher), Miss D Bhalla  (Teacher) 

Mrs K Osborne (TA), Miss K Raymond (1:1 TA), Miss S Carter (1:1 TA), Mrs T Wright (TA), Miss D Northfield (TA 1:1)


Upper Key Stage 2:

Year 5

Mr A Edwards (Teacher), Miss  H Massett (Teacher), Miss C Atkinson(Teacher)

Miss M Kelly (TA) K Harrison (TA)

Year 6

Mrs N Peacock (UKS2 Phase Leader), Miss M Guest (Teacher), Mr R Pedley (Teacher),

Mrs D Grundy (TA), Mrs S Walker (1:1 TA), Mrs J Mabbley (1:1 TA), Miss K Sellers (1:1TA)


Lead Child Protection & Safeguarding Officer: Miss M Byrne


Nurture Staff: Miss F Potoki, Mrs L Hargill


Behaviour/Provision Base Manager: Mrs N Renshaw


Specialist Behaviour Support : Mrs N Renshaw & Mrs Carter


Learning Mentor: Mrs J Senior-White & Miss Z Whittell 


Higher Level Teaching Assistants: Mrs S Grundy & Mrs L Lodge


Attendance Officer: Mrs K Elmslie


Reading Interventions: Mrs T Wright (LKS2), Mrs I Mannion (KS1)


Language Interventions: Mrs L Hargill, Mrs H Felkin


Parent Support Advisor: Miss G Robinson


Office: Miss C Haigh (Office Manager), Mrs J Hetherington,  Mrs E Wild & Mrs S Scoones


Premises Supervisor: Mr J Atkinson, Mr S Roe


Lunchtime Staff: Mrs M Yates, Miss S Avison, Mrs P Khalghloo, Mrs  E Patrick. Mrs G Thompson, Miss V Stringfellow,  Miss L Mansfield,  Mrs S Pendlebury,  Miss V Powell, Miss D Levers, Miss A Asquith, Mrs I Mojesick, Mrs D Townsend,  Mrs G Campbell and Miss H Maher.