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Celebrating our Attendance


This is a successful school and your child plays their part in making it so. We aim for an environment which enables and encourages all members of the community to reach out for excellence. For our children to gain the greatest benefit from their education it is vital that they attend regularly and your child should be at school, on time, every day the school is open unless the reason for the absence is unavoidable. 


Why is attendance important?


Learning: Any absence affects the pattern of a child’s schooling and regular absence will seriously affect their learning. Any pupil’s absence disrupts teaching routines so may affect the learning of others in the same class. 

Ensuring your child’s regular attendance at school is your legal responsibility and permitting absence from school without a good reason creates an offence in law and may result in prosecution. 


Safeguarding: Your child may be at risk of harm if they do not attend school regularly. Safeguarding the interests of each child is everyone’s responsibility and within the context of this school, promoting the welfare and life opportunities for your child encompasses: 


Behaviour Management 

Health and Safety 

Access to the Curriculum 

Anti- bullying 


Failing to attend this school on a regular basis will be considered as a safeguarding matter. 

Promoting Regular Attendance

Helping to create a pattern of regular attendance is everybody’s responsibility - parents, pupils and all members of school staff. 


To help us all to focus on this we will:  

  • Give you details on attendance in our School letters; 
  • Report to you at least termly on how your child is performing in school, what their attendance and punctuality rate is and how this relates to their attainments 
  • Celebrate good attendance by displaying class achievements 
  • Reward good or improving attendance through weekly class competition, certificates and other means 
  • Run promotional events when parents, pupils and staff can work together on raising attendance levels across the school and pyramid. 

The pyramid below shows how we record attendance. This will be shared with you in the form of a half termly, colour-coded letter. 



99/100% this is outstanding 


97% 98% this is good 


95% to 96% this is minimum expected 


93%/94% requires improvement 

Red 1 

91%/92% Level 1 Cause for Concern-EWO/WO involvement 

Red 2 

Less than 90% Level 2 Cause for Concern-EWO/WO involvement possible safeguarding issue 


If you have any queries relating to attendance, please look at our school attendance policy; the link is below or you can call school and speak with our Attendance Officer- Kayleigh Emslie. 


Attendance Policy                                                                                  Attendance Rewards