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What is it all about?


At Snapethorpe Primary School we care about our pupils. We ensure all pupils in school have a voice on their school life and what happens here.

This quality award recognises the achievement of the whole school. It values all pupils and helps them to improve their understanding of their role in their learning journey.


At Snapethorpe Primary School we are proud to announce that we achieved our 'Investors in Pupils' award in June 2019. This was a result of numerous years of hard work throughout school. We have worked hard to ensure our pupils feel respected, safe and listened to, and that they learn to value and recognise their role within a community. The 'Investors in Pupils Award' recognises this, but also enable us to have all these principles at the heart of our school. We gave our pupils a greater pupil voice and encouraged them to feel valued and share their opinions. This encourages greater self esteem and self confidence throughout school.



2023 Renewal

This year we have renewed our IIP award for school! This involved completing a self-evaluation of all areas of IIP. We successfully achieved the award of 'embedded' for all areas of the award! Have a look at some of our IIP evidence around school!

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The 5 areas of IIP are:

  • Behaviour 
  • learning 
  • Attendance 
  • Classroom management 
  • Induction of new pupils and new staff members 

Each classroom in school has:

  • A class display celebrating achievements
  • A display with a class target and the reward
  • Individual targets for pupils
  • An induction book
  • A display of different classroom jobs and responsibilities
  • A class mission statement
  • Information about the cleaner for each room

All classes have a display in their classroom which includes their class target, mission statement and individual target cards. All classes spent time in the first few weeks back at school creating a book for their class which will show new children and staff and visitors into their classroom what happens in their class and school. 

Other areas Investors in Pupils cover are:

  • Children have an understanding about why they need to come to school & how learning links with their future aspirations.
  • Knowing the roles and responsibilities of people who help them to learn.
  • Having an understanding of what our school Governors do.
  • Knowing about where the money comes from to run the school &  what needs to be paid for out of this money.
  • Knowing that all pupils at Snapethorpe are valued and included in decision making and things are done WITH them, not TO them.  


The School Budget 

It is important that the children in our school have some idea about the school budget and how we spend the schools money. Children enjoyed an informative assembly about the school budget. There is also a display in the entrance which shows the budget clearly. 


Staff Roles and Responsibilities

We have a strong understanding of the roles and responsibilities of different members of staff who work in our school. We know that they all contribute to our learning and help us to achieve. For example every class has a cleaner who is responsible for their room. These are displayed outside every classroom, we are now rated out of 10 on how well we have looked after our room throughout the day.



Pupil Roles and Responsibilities


We understand the individual roles and responsibilities that we all have in school. Through our RSHE lessons, classroom jobs and additional responsibilities across school we are learning to be friendly, considerate and respectful to others.


All pupils are encouraged to take on additional responsibilities within school. For example School Councillors, Sports Leaders and Classroom Monitors.


The School Councillors work hard to recruit and organise the Sports Leader rota that runs across school. They create job applications for potential candidates, which are then distributed. Following this, the School Councillors conduct interviews to check that they are the right people for the role.