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After School Clubs 

After school clubs take place 4 nights a week with a range of clubs available.

All children will be provided with a letter of interest at the end of each half term. If your child would like to join a club please sign up on ParentPay as soon as possible. Places will be allocated and adults will be informed if they have or haven't received a place.

Our current clubs include: 

  • Library
  • Times Table Rockstars
  • Lego
  • Arts and Crafts
  • Modelling and Playdough
  • Sports clubs (twice a week run by our ACES coaches)
  • Choir (runs throughout the year, when places are available letters of interest will be sent home)


Sports leaders are also trained from Year 6 and support running games on the playgrounds at lunchtime for KS1 + KS2

Library club photos:

Lego club photos:

Arts and Crafts club photos:

iPads and laptops club photos:

Playdough and modelling photos:

Choir photos:

Sports club photos:

Pupil Voice

Our pupils enjoy attending the after school clubs!


We have so many afterschool clubs to choose from, it's great!

 I like Lego club, we build different models and I get to chat with my friends.

 Rounders is awesome! I've got really good at it now!

 Football is fun, we get to play matches against each other and develop our skills.

 Choir is brilliant, I cannot believe we have performed in Sheffield Arena this year!

I like that you spend more time learning things that you wouldn’t do at home.

You can engage with other people and socialise with  other year groups.

I get to build whatever I want and we can be creative!

 I like when we play matches against each other and have real games.

 The sports clubs are great fun and you can exercise while learning new skills.

I like making all the different models. We made a Lego city which was fantastic!

I like it when you can play new games you haven’t play before and then teach others.

 Lots of my friends are there too. I love spending time with my friends after school.

 There’s so many games we can play on but Minecraft is my favourite.

 We learn lots of new skills and then we can use them in different games.