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Leading Parent Partnership Award


We are proud to share with you the news that during November 2021, Snapethope Primary School was awarded the Leading Parent Partnership Award.

LPPA is a nationally recognised award, that school's who work very closely with their families of pupils can achieve.

The school was assessed by an external advisor.

In order to meet the award we had to provide evidence that we had achieved the following;


  • commitment to working towards the LPPA award
  • hold events in school for arents to work jointly with their children (FEET, Inspire, Techno Families etc)
  • regularly evaluate our performance against the LPPA award
  • provide parents with user friendly guidance an information to help them support their learning
  • make and implement plans to acheive and maintain the LPPA award
  • be a welcoming and friendly place for parents
  • produce parents friendly policies to establish effective home-school linkes and improve pupil attendance, punctuality, behaviour and progress in school
  • provide a good induction for all parents
  • promote participation in lifelong learning opportunities available in school and in the community to all parents
  • provide good support for transition for parents when children change key stages or leave the school 

Over the next three years we will be analysing our partnership with parents and developing further ways to engage parents within school activities. If you have any questions or requests that you would like the school to think about implementing please feel free to share your ideas with staff.


If you would like to read our report please click the link below


LPPA Renewal Report 2021


LPPA Autumn Term


As part of our work towards the Learning Parent Partnership Award,  we have continued to develop our school links with the wider community and parents, across the Autumn term. We have further continued to communicate with parents through the use of various social media mediums, which have allowed staff and parents to freely communicate with each other in a manner that represents today’s society.


This academic year, with the relaxing of Covid-19 restrictions and a return to the more ‘normal’ way of working within schools, we attempted to reintroduce a number of events that promote parental engagement within school. Events planned for Autumn term were;


  • Inspire Mornings- Parents visit school between the hours of 9:15 and 10:30 to participate in collaborative learning with their child. Artistic themed activities are planned for parents and pupils to complete relating to a current event that is taking place such as Bonfire Night, Remembrance Day and Christmas (Unfortunately due to a review of Covid-19 procedures these had to be cancelled).
  • Open Book Nights- Due to a change in Covid-19 protocols this event will now occur virtually, with staff uploading examples of pupils work from across the term on Class Dojo.
  • Christmas Carol Concerts- Again due to Covid-19 protocols this event will now take place virtually, with each class performing their own Christmas themed song, which will be uploaded to relevant social media mediums.

Alongside these events we put into our Autumn Diary the following charity events, for which we have been raising money,


  • Children In Need (£681.51 raised)
  • Save the Children-Christmas Jumper Day (Friday 10th December 2021)
  • Wakefield Hospice- Reindeer Dash (Tuesday 14th December 2021)


To further engage with parents, I have ensured that the school website is managed effectively, with a wide range of information, pictures and events being uploaded to alert parents to what has been happening within our local area and school throughout the term. The use of Facebook has also continued, allowing the school to promote local organisations and agencies such as Wakefield Council, St George’s Church, St Georges Community Centre, Turning Point and Mental Health Support, amongst others, many of which can provide help and support to parents, whom may be in need.


Lastly, Autumn term saw our school successfully complete the renewal process for the Learning Parent Partnership Award. This required a virtual school walk around, folder of compiled evidence relating to the KPI's which make up the award, interviews with staff, parents and pupils, alongside a presentation held by the designated LPPA co-ordinator. Feedback from our assessor was extremely positive, with excellent feedback relating to parental links and relationships with local organisations, while highlighting that Snapethorpe Primary School provides a warm and welcoming atmosphere to visitors. A snippet from the report that stood out to me was the following; 'that Snapethorpe has risen to the challenge and enabled parental engagement to flourish in the face of adversity!  It is truly a “Community” school. '