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Each year group covers specific subjects and units, covering two Geography units throughout the year. This information can be found on our whole school coverage documents, skills breakdowns and newsletters to parents half termly.

Our geography skills are taught within our curriculum sessions using the national curriculum objectives. As a school, we have ensured each area of focus is broken down into year group specific expectations allowing the children to develop new knowledge and skills and build on prior knowledge as they progress through school.


Teachers are clear on the learning and expectations for each year group, as this has been carefully selected and mapped out so that children are building on prior knowledge and skills each year. There are opportunities for all children with SEND needs to access the learning outcomes through adaptive approaches as well as metacognitive approaches to review and recall prior learning. Teachers use questioning, and provide opportunities for discussion and investigation to support the development of vocabulary which is identified on the medium term plans for each year group to allow children to build on prior knowledge. Teachers use a range of resources such as maps, atlases, ordnance survey maps, videos and photographs during lessons to help create immersive learning experiences. The medium term plans that have been created using the national curriculum objectives allow teachers to plan lessons with knowledge statements that have been progressively mapped out from EYFS to Y6. At the end of each unit, children will complete a mini quiz allowing them to apply their newly learnt knowledge to objective specific questions.


The majority of children can recall knowledge statements that have been taught and explain specific vocabulary that is identified on the medium term plans for each year group. Children need to be able to link previous learning to develop understanding further and confidently talk about the learning that is taking place in Geography. The proportion of children are achieving their learning outcomes. Children need to develop their geographical skills whilst learning the required skills to achieve the learning outcomes taken from the National Curriculum.

Below you can find the whole school overview for the Geography coverage per year group and the medium term plans for each unit.

To find further information relating to learning in individual year groups, please use the year group tabs on the website homepage. 

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