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Breakfast Club


Breakfast club is available to all pupils, although places do need to be booked in advance, and offers good provision 5 days per week from 8.15am 8.45am. There is no charge for breakfast club as we receive funding from Greggs and Moto to allow us to offer this provision to all pupils at no cost.


Breakfast Club Menu

Toast served with butter or jam. 

A selection of cereal including, Weetabix, Cornflakes, Cheerios, Shreddies, Rice Crispies. 

A selection of drinks including milk, apple juice, orange juice and water.


Pupil Voice

My Mum starts work at 8.30am so we need to be at school.

My Mum has to get to work some days and on the other days I come for the same routine.

Saves my Mum money and there’s lots of varieties in school which I don’t have at home.

I get to school earlier and my brain is switched on.

I get breakfast and extra time in school.

It helps me get ready for going to class.

It gives me breakfast and time to relax so I am ready for learning.

It helps me get food and helps my brain get ready for Maths.

It puts me in a routine. When I don’t come to breakfast club I’m usually late for school but when I come to breakfast club I’m ready for learning.

I like to see the teachers and my friends. There’s a good choice of breakfast options too.

I like to eat with my friends and there’s good options.

Seeing my friends and teachers.

I like being with my friends and can have cereal and toast.