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At Snapethorpe Primary School, we believe that PE develops children’s knowledge, skills and understanding so that they can perform with increasing competence and confidence in a range of physical activities. These include dance, games, gymnastics, swimming, water safety and athletics. PE promotes an understanding in children of their bodies in action. It involves thinking, selecting and applying skills, and it promotes positive attitudes towards a healthy lifestyle. This enables the children to make informed choices about physical activity throughout their lives. It promotes skilfulness, physical development and knowledge of the body in action. P.E provides opportunities for pupils to be creative, competitive and to face different challenges as individuals and in groups and teams. It broadens and develops communication skills and helps to develop healthy lifestyles.


Through communication with our external specialist sports PE teachers (ACE’s) we opted to use the scheme ‘Getset4PE’ throughout the school to teach PE so that our aims and objectives were met and covered the national curriculum expectations. This scheme of work is progressive throughout the year groups and develops on previously learnt skills and knowledge. In order for the promotion of a healthy lifestyle as a school, we aim for the children to take part in an additional 30 active minutes a day. These are achieved through active videos in the classrooms such as: go noodle, just dance and cosmic yoga. We also achieve active minutes through Kagan structures which involve the children moving around the classroom to complete learning tasks. At lunchtime, the children take part in the daily mile for the last 10 minutes to improve their health and fitness and support their 30 additional minutes of physical activity.


Our aims and objectives in the teaching of PE are:

  • to promote and encourage healthy lifestyles amongst pupils
  • to provide pupils with 2 hours of high quality PE per week
  • to enable children to develop and explore physical skills with increasing control and coordination;
  • to encourage children to work and play with others in a range of group situations;
  • to develop the way in which children perform skills, and apply rules and conventions, for different activities;
  • to show children how to improve the quality and control of their performance;
  • to teach children to recognise and describe how their bodies feel during exercise;
  • to develop the children’s enjoyment of physical activity through creativity and imagination;
  • to develop an understanding in children of how to succeed in a range of physical activities, and how to evaluate their own success;
  • to provide specialist support where individual children have particular gifts or talents


Early Years

PE is an important aspect of learning and children become more confident using gross motor skills. By the end of their time in Reception class, they will have good control and co-ordination through the completion of large and small movements. Pupils will be able to move confidently in a range of ways, safely negotiating space. Children will be able to use various pieces of apparatus. Pupils have one taught PE lessons inside focusing on dance or gymnastics. Pupils have continual access to climbing equipment, bikes, scooters, balls and a range of building materials in the outdoor provision.


Key Stage 1

P.E in Key Stage 1 aims to encourage and motivate pupils to participate in a range of sporting activities and highlight the importance of a healthy lifestyle. Pupils develop their skills across a range of areas such as dance, gymnastics and ball skills with a continuing focus towards co-ordination and teamwork as part of an annual cycle. Working alongside ACE’s sport, we provide pupils in Key Stage 1 with cross curricular learning opportunities, through the provision of TagTiv8 sessions, in which pupils develop their Maths and English skills, through physical activity, provided by qualified coaches.  Pupils are invited to participate in a range of extra-curricular activities which take place weekly after school. Pupils are assessed termly so that development can be monitored.


Key Stage 2

KS2 pupils follow an annual cycle of work, which ensures that they have 2 hours of high quality P.E per week. Activities covered in Key Stage 2 include: dance, gymnastics, invasion games, health and fitness and athletics. Pupils within Year 5 participate in weekly swimming sessions at Sun Lane Swimming baths and Normanton Leisure Centre. KS2 pupils also work alongside ACE’s sport who provide pupils with Physical Activity sessions such as ‘Health and Wellbeing’, which looks at a holistic approach to teaching P.E and ‘Healthy Lifestyles’, which promotes the importance of living a healthy, active life and the benefits that this can have on pupils both physically and mentally. Our year KS2 pupils are provided with a range of interschool competitions to participate in, which possess pathways to participate in area and county finals, provided to us by ACE’s sport, in partnership with the Wakefield Active Schools. Pupils are assessed termly to monitor progression.


Extra curricular activities

We offer a range of after school clubs for pupils from KS1 and throughout KS2. Sporting clubs are linked with our competition calendar to provide pupils with a variety of sporting activities. Sports such as athletics, football, cheerleading, cricket and netball amongst others are just some of the afterschool clubs offered to pupils. Clubs are run by qualified coaches from ACE’s sport and Pro Soccer, who ensure that sessions are ran to the highest of standards.