Year 5&6 2019-2020

 This year all our classes are named after British Olympic Gold Medallists

Year 5

Miss Mein - Simmonds Class - A gold medallist for swimming

Mrs Peacock - Grainger Class - A gold medallist for rowing

Mr Edwards - Edwards Class - A gold medallist for triple Jumping

Year 6

Miss Guest - Brownlee Class - Gold Medallists for the triathlon 

Mrs Parsons - Glover Class - A gold medallist for rowing

Mr Tyrrell - Farah Class - A gold medallist for distant running


Can you spot the Olympian in the pictures below? 

Year 5 - Creative Curriculum

We are going to go Ape on Wednesday the 2nd October and we are so excited!!!!!

Our topic this half term has a DT focus and is all about pulleys and how things work. We have found out what a pulley is and over the next few weeks, will be designing and making our own pulley system. We are also learning all about forces in our science topic, so hopefully at the end of this half term we will be full of knowledge!

Year 6 - Creative Curriculum

Our topic this half term is called 'Is it fair to compare?' and it has a geography focus. During out hook lesson, we created some fabulous pieces of African animal art and made our own Djembe drums. We have been comparing the human and physical features of countries within Africa to find out why some are more developed than others. We have also enjoyed learning about deserts (particular the Sahara Desert in Africa) and what the climate is like there. This also links to our evolution topic in science as we have investigated how plants and animals have adapted to live in extreme desert conditions.

In our English lessons, we have also enjoyed acting out 'How the Elephant got its trunk'. You can see some photos below of us in our animal masks.