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Year  5  


Our classes this year are named after flowers;



Miss S Proctor 

Miss D Northfield (TA), Mrs S Mandi-Ghomi(TA)



Miss  E Kemshell, 

Mrs D Roberts (TA), Mrs Cotos (TA)



Miss A Madden (Teacher)

Mrs J Mabbley(TA)

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Autumn 2


This half term Year 5 will be making bridges. They explore the designs of different bridges in order to decide what structure they think is best before building their own.



This year children will focus on a different artist each half term. This half term pupils will explore sculpture through the artist Serena De La Hey. The children will be designing and making their own willow sculpture in the style of their artist.



In computing this half term we will be becoming ‘Web Developers’. The children will be exploring how a website is structured and how they can add content to a website.



In RSHE this half term children will be learning about ’What decisions can people make with their money?’ The children will be learning about what they can spend or save money on. They will also look at what debts and loans are. 



This half term our topic is forces. The children will learn about the different forces that act upon object. They will look at gravity, air resistance and water resistance. They will be conducting experiments to test the effect of these forces on objects.



In Year 5, children focus on learning about ‘why do some people think God exists? ‘ They will learn the difference between theist, atheist and agnostic beliefs. They will then explore some Christian stories and their life experiences in order to discuss the potential impacts of believing or not believing.



Children will be continuing to learn about ‘the Hugh Street’ and they will be extending their vocabulary in this. They will then be discussing how the high street appears and changes at different times of the day. They will also listen and respond to an extended story that they will use in order to help them produce their own piece of writing

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