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Year 5    2020 - 2021

 This year all our classes are named after Countries

Year 5

Mr Pedley (Teacher) Mrs Spiers and Miss Daily (Teaching Assistants) - Japan Class

Mr Edwards (Teacher) Mrs Welsby (Teaching Assistants) - Cuba Class

Miss Guest (Teacher) Mrs Weaver and Mrs Brough (Teaching Assistants) - Japan Class


Can you spot the countries flag below? 

Year 5 - Curriculum - Autumn 1 2020-2021

Curriculum theme day

This half term Year 5 will be taking part in a “What’s in the world?” theme day within the week beginning 5th October 2020. This theme day is designed to teach the children knowledge objectives that were missed due to school closure last academic year. Within this theme day the children will learn the name of a number of European capitals and also be able to locate and number the names of South and North American country. Letters will be sent out nearer the time with any further information on you may need to know.


Year 5 are becoming Game Developers this half term. They will be using an ICT program named ‘Scratch’ to design and create a game. They will then learn how to use software on Purple Mash to design their own game. This year lessons will be taught in our brand new Computing Suite in school which is a new, exciting addition to the facilities Snapethorpe has. 


Our theme is continuing as ‘health and well-being’ this half term. All children will be focusing on keeping safe; specifically why health and safety rules are in place in school and  what to do in an emergency in the local environment.


Children are beginning their ‘Animals Including Humans’ topic this half term. They will be learning about the simple functions of the digestive system in humans and will be able to identify different types of teeth and their functions. Children will also look at the variety of food chains that exist within the world, identifying producers and predators.



Year 5 - Creative Curriculum - Autumn 1 2019-2020

We are going to go Ape on Wednesday the 2nd October and we are so excited!!!!!

Our topic this half term has a DT focus and is all about pulleys and how things work. We have found out what a pulley is and over the next few weeks, will be designing and making our own pulley system. We are also learning all about forces in our science topic, so hopefully at the end of this half term we will be full of knowledge!

Year 5 - Creative Curriculum - Autumn 2

Why Does it Always Rain on me? - Geography - Rainforests

We have all absolutely loved learning all about rainforests and our corridor is now filled with colour(our work)

Our topic this half term has a Geography focus and is all about rainforests. We started off finding out about what a rainforest is and where they are in the world before learning about the layers of a forest including the plant and animal life that is found there. We also looked into deforestation and had a really in depth debate about whether we are for or against it. The majority of us believed that we shouldn't cut down trees as it has just a detrimental effect. After this we looked at what a biome was and the different biomes around the world. We really enjoyed creating some batik art using the rainforest animals as inspiration. We ended the unit cooking some food which is enjoyed in Brazil, South America. We were all really surprised that we liked it.  

Year 5 - Creative Curriculum - Spring 1

Where in the world is Wally? - Geography

This half term the children are learning all learning about Europe and South America by following Wally around the world. First he will visit several countries in Europe where children will learn their location and capital city. He will then travel across to South America where again children will learn some of the main countries.

We will then learn all about South America and what it would be like to live their before comparing it to where we live. Children will enjoy presenting their findings in a creative way which they chose.   

Year 5 - Creative Curriculum - Spring 2

Who were the Vicious Vikings? - History 

This half term has a history focus and we will be learning all about the time when the Vikings ruled. We will start by looking at why they were 'angry' and 'vicious', where they came from, where they travelled to and why they wanted to take over others land. We will then look at how they travelled (longboats) before creating some replicas of weapons they used. We will also be cooking up some delightful Viking treats which they used to in during the time period. 

Lastly, we look forward to welcoming a 'Viking' into our school who will be coming to lead some exciting workshops.