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Year 3 2019-2020

Class Information

This year all our classes have been named after gold medal winning Olympic athletes.

Year 3

Clancy Class - Miss Massett & Miss Marshall

Adams Class - Mr Pedley, Mrs Wright & Miss Raymond

Joshua Class - Miss Grimwood, Mrs Cotos & Miss Wallace



Year 3 Creative - Spring 1


In Spring 1, Year 3 were studying the topic "How Dangerous is our Planet?". We looked at various natural disasters that happen around the world, such as tsunamis, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. In our first lesson, we reenacted an earthquake, practiced an earthquake drill and looked at survival kits that countries would use in these situations. 

Year 3 Creative - Autumn 2

Year 3  Always Event - Autumn 1

Children who kept their golden time or scout time this half term were lucky enough to take part in the Halloween Always Event! They had the chance to decorate Halloween biscuits, try apple bobbing and play Halloween games to win sweets and prizes! The children who attended had a fantastic time!

Year 3 Creative - Autumn 1

What got the cogs turning?

Year 3 are focusing on design and technology where they are aiming to create a cam toy at the end of the unit. The children have explored toys from the past and how they move and are looking at what mechanism they would like to use in their moving toy depending on the motion they want it to produce. The children will be using their design and technology skills to produce their final product.