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Year 2 

This year all our class names are based on plants.


Rose Class

Miss H Kidger 

Mrs I Mannion (TA)


Lilac Class

 Miss A Tansey 

Mrs S Brough (TA)

Miss M Tibrewal(TA)


Sunflower Class 

Mrs Moorhouse 

Mrs D Goodair (TA)


Autumn 2


This half term, as part of their Geography lessons, Year 2 will be focusing on the features of the UK and comparing these to the features in Kenya. Within the Geography lessons, the children will learn about the physical  and human features of the UK. We will look at different areas of the UK and focus on key features such as valleys, lakes, ports and harbours.  We will also compare England to Kenya, to identify the main similarities and differences between the two countries.



During this half term, thechildren will be learning about drawing in their art lessons. They will explore different grades of pencil to show tone and texture. They will also use charcoal and oil pastels to create different drawing styles. They will use a viewfinder to focus on a specific part of picture before drawing it.


Our Computing unit this half term is ‘We are photographers.’ As part of this, we will learn how to effectively use the camera on the I-Pads to take digital photographs. We will also review the photos we have taken, before editing and enhancing one of the photos.


Our topic for this half term is ‘What jobs do people do?’ We will learn about the different types of jobs people have and the skills and strengths they need to do these jobs.  We will also  learn about earning money and having a job helps people to buy things they need and want.



Year 2 are starting a topic called ‘Materials’ this half term. They will be learning to identify and compare different materials for their suitability for particular uses. They will learn how some materials can be changed by squashing, bending, twisting and stretching them.


Year 2 children will be learning about Islam within the unit of ‘Who is a  Muslim and what do they  believe?’ This half term they will be learning all about the Islam religion, their beliefs and      special things they use and where they go worship and what it is like in a mosque.


Year 2 children will be working through the unit called, ’Animals’.  Children will be using  instruments to listen and respond to a piece of African music that represent animals.  They will learn and perform a song as a class.


Autumn 1


This half term Year 2 will be focusing on Wangari Maathai in their history sessions. Pupils will be taught about why she is known as the ‘woman of trees’ and why she is famous in Kenya.  They will learn about her being an inspirational figure through reading the ‘Wangari’s Tress of Peace’. The children will find out why she won a Nobel Peace Prize and how she inspired people across the world to fight for green spaces.



In Art our focus is textiles. The children will be learning how to stitch two pieces of fabric together and develop skills using a needle and thread. They will also look at colour and patterns within different materials. The children will look at examples of weaving, understanding how to weave paper under and over in order to make a finished piece of work.



In computing this half term we will be using a computing software called Espresso Coding. They will be learning how to give instructions within a program and to a character to make it move and do actions.



In RSHE this half term children will be learning about relationships and in particular about ‘how we can be a good friend.’ Pupils will learn how to recognise other peoples’ feelings, including loneliness and strategies they can use to include people. They will learn how to build good friendships and manage any problems which may occur within a friendship. Pupils will also learn how to ask for support in a friendship and if someone is making them feel uncomfortable or unhappy.



This half term our topic is animals including humans.  Children will learn that animals move in order to survive and how different animals move in different ways. They will gain an understanding of the importance of exercise and how it helps to keep bodies in good condition. Children will learn about the life cycles of different animals, and that adults do not keep growing once they have matured.



Year 2 children  will be finding out what we can learn from sacred books. They will talk about some of the stories that are used in religion and why people still read them. The children will recognise some of the ways that Christians, Muslims and Jewish people treat their sacred books.