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Year 1 2020-2021

This year all our class names are based on European countries.


Year 1

Denmark Class - Mrs Moorhouse, Mrs Goodair and Miss Wallace

France Class - Mrs Ansell-Wood, Miss Coop and Mrs Brickwood

Spain Class - Miss Pamment and Mrs Siddall



Reading in KS1

Reading is a vital life skill and the early reading experiences that children have set them up for all future learning and experiences.

At Snapethorpe, we value and promote reading through a range of strategies. We are very proud of our high quality reading areas that each class have, we listen to the children in our class read every week and we teach daily phonic lessons to help children learn their sounds.

Ask your child what reading or phonics they have done in class today!


It is great that we can now send reading books home for you to enjoy with your child!

Please help us promote our love of reading by listening to your child as much as you can at home.

It makes a huge difference to their progress in reading!


Check out the news and events page to see the fabulous PJ reading afternoon we had in October to promote a love of reading! We have also uploaded some photos below to show you what we got up to!

Year 1 Summer 2021

Curriculum theme days

This half term Year 1 will be taking part in two theme days, one history based, week beginning 26th April 2021 and one geography based, week commencing 17th May 2021. 

These theme days are designed to teach the children knowledge objectives that were missed due to school closures over the past year. 

Within the history theme day, the children will learn about the famous local explorer Charles Waterton.

They will be discussing the question, ‘What makes a great explorer?’ The children will be learning about the life of Charlies Waterton and what he achieved. They will learn why he is remembered as a great explorer in local history. 

Within the geography theme day, the children will focus on the question, ’Where in the world is Barnaby Bear?’ They will look at photos and postcards from locations around the world. They will identify hot and cold places in the world using globes to support them. The children will identify the north and south pole and also be introduced to the compass points north, east, south and west. They will also identify some human and physical features of these places.



Year 1 are becoming treasure hunters this half term. In this unit, the children will learn to program a toy to move around a map to find buried treasure. They will use beebots to help them with their learning.



Our theme is ‘relationships’ this half term.

We will continue to support children with their mental health and well-being, in response to the pandemic, through our RSHE sessions this term.

Our theme is  ‘relationships’ this half term. All children will be  focusing on recognising feelings, kind and unkind     behaviours, special people in their lives and differences and similarities between people.

They will also discuss the   different types of bullying and how other people’s feelings can be hurt.


Year 1 Autumn 2 2020

Curriculum theme day

This half term, Year 1 will be taking part in a geography theme day within the week beginning 30th November 2020. These theme days are designed to teach the children learning objectives that were missed due to school closure last academic year. 

Within this theme day, the children will be making chocolate banana bread and discussing where the ingredients came from and how they got to us.

They will also be creating their own journey, discussing where they would go, what they would do there and what it looks like there. 

Letters will be sent out nearer the time with any additional information you may need to know.




Year 1 are continuing computing lessons this half term. They will be using the program ‘Purple Mash’ to access different activities. They will practise using a mouse and track pad to click and drag things on the screen. They will also practise using a keyboard and typing letters. 



Our theme is continuing as ‘health and well-being’ this half term. All children will be focusing on healthy eating, making good choices about food and their bodies and being hygienic.

They will also discuss emotions and the different feelings and words that describe them.



Year 1 Autumn 1 2020 

This half term we are settling back into school. It is lovely to be back together with the children and see them interacting with their friends!


Curriculum theme day

This half term Year 1 will be taking part in a geography theme day within the week beginning 5th October 2020. These theme days are designed to teach the children knowledge objectives that were missed due to school closure last academic year.


Within this theme day the children will be using globes and maps to look at how you would travel to certain places. They will learn what it is like in those places, the languages they speak and what it looks like.



Year 1 are being introduced to computing lessons this half term. They will be practicing logging on and off independently using the class log in. They will practise typing using the keyboard and writing their name as well as their class name. They will also practise using the mouse to find and click on things on the screen.


Our theme is ‘health and well-being’ this half term. All children will be focusing on key issues that may have affected them during the pandemic such as mental health, loss, friendships and changes.




Children are beginning their ‘Humans including animals’ topic this half term.

They will be looking at seasonal changes that are happening around them as Autumn comes. They will be learning about features of Autumn and   going on a walk to look for signs of Autumn!

They will be learning about different body parts and how we use our senses, including identifying which part of the body is used for each sense. They will learn about a range of common animals and discuss whether they are carnivores, herbivores, omnivores, reptiles, mammals or fish. Finally, they will be comparing the structure of common animals to see if they have common body parts.



Year 1 children will be finding out ’What does it mean to belong to a faith community?’




Creative Curriculum

Autumn 1 - Year 1 2019

In Year 1, our topic this half term is called 'Who had more fun?'

Our topic has been based around history and changes within living memory.

We have looked at old and new toys and discussed the differences, put them in order of age and played some old board games!


Autumn 2 - Year 1

Our curriculum topic for this term is called 'How does it move?'

This topic was Design and Technology based, where the children learnt about different toys and puppets that move, as well as learning about how simple levers worked. After making a simple lever, the children then created their own pet design with a moving part. They produced some fantastic creations!


Spring 1 - Year 1

In Year 1, our curriculum topic is called 'Where does it come from?'

Our topic has been Geography based, learning the names of the four countries of the United Kingdom and the three surrounding seas. 

We looked at and tasted different foods from the four countries, and then created our own picnics, using foods from the four countries.


Spring 2 - Year 1

Our topic this term is called 'What makes a great explorer?'

This is a history based unit, finding out about Charles Waterton, who was a significant person from Wakefield. He travelled to South America, finding out about birds and other animals, which he brought back to England, and set up the first nature reserve at his home in Walton, Wakefield.

To help and support our learning further, we had a fantastic trip to Wakefield Museum, to take part in a workshop about Charles Waterton.

We have also been learning about Romero Britto, was is a famous Brazilian artist, and looking at the primary and secondary colours which he used in his work.