We have places available in our Reception classes. If your child is 4 please speak to the school office about enrolling them at Snapethorpe.


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This year our class names are

Picasso / Hockney / Seurat


Please take a look at the slide show below for a sneak peak inside our fabulous provision:


Who Helps Us Learn?

Mrs Sadler is the class teacher in Seurat Class. Mrs Sadler works Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays so Miss Daley looks after us on Fridays. Miss Burkinshaw is the teaching assistant.

Miss Perry is the class teacher in Picasso Class. Mrs Gelder and Miss Cook are the teaching assistants.

Miss King is the class teacher in Hockney Class. Miss Hill is the teaching assistant.



Have a read of our newsletters to stay up-to-date with everything we are learning about each half term:

Autumn 2 - How Will You Celebrate?

Spring 1 - What is Your Plan, Mother Nature?


Planning and Provision

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Parents and Carers


Autumn 1

Who Am I?

Our Creative Theme for Autumn 1 is 'Who Am I?'

Over the course of the term the children will be settling into life in Reception at Snapethorpe, getting to know their new teachers, making friends and finding their way around the indoor and outdoor classrooms. They will be encouraged to learn alongside and with their peers in order to form positive relationships and develop their personal, social and communication skills. The children will be given plenty of opportunities to talk about themselves and those they love as well as their likes and dislikes.


Autumn 2

How Will You Celebrate?

Our Creative Theme for Autumn 2 is 'How Will You Celebrate?'

To begin our learning we will be having a party packed with cake, music, balloons and games - all the components that make for a great celebration! Over the remained of the half term we will be learning about and participating in Bonfire Night, Diwali, Thanksgiving and Christmas celebrations and traditions. We will also be using clay to construct Diva lamps, baking parkin, listening to the story of Rama and Sita, making Rangoli pattern calendars and, of course, creating beautiful Christmas cards for our loved ones!


Spring 1

What's Your Plan, Mother Nature?

Our Creative Theme for Spring 1 is 'What's Your Plan, Mother Nature?'

Over the course of the half term the children will be exploring melting and freezing, monitoring the weather here and using Google to find videos of extreme weather from around the world, litter picking to ensure their natural environment is cared for and shopping for spring vegetables to make delicious soup with!


Spring 2

What Will It Be?

Our Creative Theme for Spring 2 is 'What Will It Be?'

To begin our learning we will be planting mysterious seeds that we will water and place in sunlight to see what they will grow into. Over the rest of the half term we will be tasting brownies and guessing the flavour, ordering the lifecycle of a plant, caterpillar, frog and penguin and finally enjoying a very special visit from some wild and wonderful creatures at ZooLab!


Spring 2

Enter a World of Pure Imagination...

On Thursday 7th March the children (and adults) participated in World Book Day celebrations. Everybody dressed up as their favourite story book characters and enjoyed a day of role-play, reading and make-believe.

Everybody looked fantastic in their costumes and it was wonderful to see just how much effort everybody had gone to in order to make the day completely unforgettable. 

Take a sneak peak at the slideshow below and see if you can guess our favourite books!



Who Will Save the Day?

Our Creative Theme for Summer is 'Who Will Save the Day?'

Over the course of the theme we will be investigating the role of police officers, designing and creating our own capes and masks, taking a trip to the fire station, sewing a superhero hand puppet, completing an assault course and baking a delicious carrot cake - because, obviously, carrots help you to see in the dark and if that's not a super power then I don't know what is!

Our books of the week will include the 'Here to Help' collection, 'Super Daisy', 'Superkid', 'Supertato', 'Superhero Max' and 'Hansel and Gretel'.


Summer 1

Zoo Lab!

On Monday 29th April the children (and adults) enjoyed a visit from Zoo Lab!

The trainer Lydia brought an array of weird, wonderful, wild animals that we got to observe, learn about, stroke and hold!

The children really enjoyed meeting Tango the Snake, Max the Rat, Millie the Millipede, Luna the Tarantula, Prince the Frog and Gary the Giant African Snail!

Please take a look at the photos below and see which animals you can see!