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Snapethorpe Farm


We aim to provide an area where the children can experience the natural world and how it changes throughout the seasons. This outside area will support the children to engage with, and understand the processes of nature, such of the growth of plants to provide food and habitats which support wildlife. Through real-life experiences, the children will develop secure understanding of the life cycle of animals and plants, their structures and their importance within the natural ecosystem. By developing a wild area, we hope to provide an area where the children can use their scientific enquiry skills in a real context, asking questions, observing, measuring, making generalisations and conclusions in a meaningful context. Exploration of each scientific concept within a natural setting, allows the children to understand how science is an understanding of the world around us and how each concept is interdependent. The children will therefore, be able to make more effective links with their previous learning and gain a greater depth of understanding. At Snapethorpe school, we have a number of animals which are used to support teaching and learning about animals but also develop a sense of care and responsibility for the animals. The outside area provides an outdoor learning space where the children are provided with a meaningful context to their learning, an opportunity to explore, reflect and ask questions, as well as develop a long term understanding of science and nature.