Leading Parent Partnership Award


In March 2015 we were awarded the Leading Parent Partnership Award. LPPA is a nationally recognised award that school's who work very closely with their families of pupils can achieve. The school was assessed by an external advisor. In order to meet the award we had to provide evidence that we had acheived the following;


In June 2018 we were reassessed and accredited with the Leading Parent Partnership Award again.

  • committment to working towards the LPPA award
  • hold events in school for arents to work jointly with their children (FEET, Inspire, Techno Families etc)
  • regularly evaluate our performance against the LPPA award
  • provide parents with user friendly guidance an information to help them support their learning
  • make and implement plans to acheive and maintain the LPPA award
  • be a welcoming and friendly place for parents
  • produce parents friendly policies to establish effective home-school linkes and improve pupil attendance, punctuality, behaviour and progress in school
  • provide a good induction for all parents
  • promote participation in lifelong learning opportunities available in school and in the community to all parents
  • provide good support for transition for parents when children change key stages or leave the school