School Council


Meet our current school councils members (2016 - 2017)

Every class from year 2 elected one member of their class to represent them and form the school council. Each member has a badge to show their role and meets with the group every two weeks. 


Mrs N Peacock supports the children during the school council meetings.

What does the school council do at our school?

  • We meet at least once a month as a group with a teacher present to discuss any problems.
  • We represent our class and give all pupils a voice.
  • We help with the interview process when appointing new staff for our school.
  • We hold circle times in our own classes to raise and discuss issues.
  • We help with evidence trails that other adults around school may be doing.

What have we done so far this year?

  • We have helped on the interview panel when recruiting new members of staff. 
  • We have created and appointed year 5 and 6 children lunchtime jobs to help with the running. These include toilet monitors, sports leaders, door monitors and hall monitors. The children love their jobs and are part of a monthly rota.   
  • We have completed pupil questionnaires with our classes about behaviour and safety as well as pupil voice to help gather evidence for our school and find out what we need to improve at.
  • We have regular meeting to discuss the lunchtime equipment, ensuring that the sports leaders are purchasing the equipment that children want to play with.
  • We have introduced dustpan and brushes to the sandwich room to encourage children to clean up after themselves and help the lunchtime staff.