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This year all the classes are named after famous artists.


Warhol Class                   Powell Class             Lowry Class                     Kusama Class             Monet Class                    Delaunay Class

Miss Walsh                 Miss Mills              Miss Walker               Mr Pedley               Mrs Brandwood-Wilson        Miss Grimwood

Miss Marshall             Mrs Cotos             Mrs Osborne               Mrs Wright            Mrs Robinson                Miss Mangham

Miss Crater                Mrs Welsby                                             Miss Carter

Autumn Term


How dangerous is our planet?

This half term the children are investigating the title 'How dangerous is our planet?' for their creative theme. The children will learn all about volcanoes and earthquakes and the impact they have on human life.

In our Creative Hook lesson, we witnessed the aftermath of an earthquake in our classrooms. We learnt how to protect ourselves during an earthquake drill as well as what equipment we would need if we were trapped in our classrooms.

Have a look at the pictures below to see just what happened when an earthquake hit Snapethorpe school.

Halloween Disco

For our Autumn 1 always event the children decided they wanted to have a Halloween disco to celebrate being always children. Take a look at the fun they had at the disco.

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Year 3 Autumn Walk

To help inspire their descriptive writing, children in year 3 recently took part in an autumn walk to Thornes Park to immerse themselves in an autumn setting. They had fun collecting autumn objects, which really inspired the vocabulary and writing back at school. 

How does a rose cause a war?

This half term in creative year 3 and 4 children are learning about the 'War of the Roses'. They will learn about the famous battle, which took place at Sandal Castle as well as go on a trip to Skipton Castle. For our hook, the children took part in a class via class mock battle. The children came up with their own chants and really got involved in battling for the class.