Welcome to the Year 3 and 4 curriculum page


The class teachers in year 3 and 4 this year are:


Year 3

Sensational Strong- Mrs Goodfellow and Miss Rosie-Grice

Almighty Ahlberg- Miss Mills

Bright Blyton- Miss Walsh


Year 4

Fearless Fines- Miss Grimwood

Magnificent Morpurgo- Miss Walker

Dynamic Dahl - Mrs Brandwood-Wilson



Creative Curriculum Autumn 1


During the autumn term that children in year 3 and 4 took part in an authentic Roman experience. They were given the opportunity to become Romans for the day, where they learnt a Roman dance, how the Roman's created aqueducts to carry fresh water. The children were then given the opportunity to create their own aqueducts across the classroom. Throughout the day, the children also learnt the importance of laurel reefs, who wore them and why they were given.  

Autumn 2

Year 3 and 4 have been learning about where food comes from during our theme 'How Many Miles Do We Eat.' They had a great time trying out different foods from around the world and enjoyed their trip to Morrisons to look at where different fruits and vegetables are grown as well as learning about Fairtrade products. 

Year 3 Music

On Wednesday 6th December, Year 3 children put on a brilliant performance for parents. It was fantastic for children to demonstrate their musical talent!

Year 3 English

To inspire their poetry writing, children in year 3 took part in an autumn walk. Take a look at our little adventure below.  

Creative Cooking

To complete our creative cooking theme 'How many miles do we eat?' the children in year 3 and 4 made their very own quesadilla. The children learnt how to chop and grate vegetables as well as learning how the importance of food hygiene. Take a look at photos below of the children enjoying and preparing their quesadilla's.

Christmas in year 3 and 4

Year 3 and 4 had an amazing time celebrating Christmas. We had our Christmas jumper day, carol concert and a Christmas themed always event where children made gingerbread houses and other tasty treats. Year 4 also had their inspire morning. The children made some lovely winter themed decorations.  

Spring -Who were the Flintstones?

Our creative theme for this term is 'Who were the Flintstones?' The children have become archaeologists and discovered what Stone age people ate as well as what items were around in this period of time. The children had an amazing time on the trip to Cliffe House. The learnt how to toast bread on and open fire and how to light a fire. The also had a wonderful time exploring the adventure playground. Take a look at all the fun they had below.

Summer Term


The summer term started with a strange structure appearing in the year 3 and 4 playground. The strange structure was a replica of a the Barbara Hepworth statue 'The Family of Man'. The year 3 and 4 children then recreated the statues in groups.

Barbara Hepworth


The year 3 and 4 children have enjoyed some amazing trips this half term. The took part in a sculpture workshop at the Hepworth and learnt how to sketch. They then enjoyed a lovely sunny day out at the sculpture park were the applied their new found sketching techniques when drawing the family of man.  

Summer Term 2


This half term started with our creative hook for the theme 'Why is there a rush to Russia?' Year 3 and 4 took part in their own mini world cup tournament. Everyone had lots of fun playing in the sun and cheering each other on. England were victorious in the final over Iceland with a 2-0 win.