We have places available in our Reception classes for this academic year. If you have a child who is 4 please do not hesitate to email the school office. Details can be found on our 'Contact Us' page in the drop down menus above.

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Have a look around our three Reception classes by taking a peek at the slideshow below:


For the academic year 2017-2017 our class authors are

Colin McNaughton

Dr Seuss

Giles Andreae

and our class names are

Marvellous McNaughtons

Sensible Seuss'

Adorable Andreaes


In Marvellous McNaughtons the class teachers are Mrs Sadler (Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday) and Miss Daley (Monday).

The teaching assistant is Mrs Townsend.


In Sensible Seuss' the class teacher is Mrs Greenwood.

The teaching assistant is Mrs Gelder.

The SEN support assistant is Miss Hall.


In Adorable Andreaes the class teacher is Miss King.

The teaching assistant is Miss Dolphin.

The SEN support assistant is Miss Ripley.





Guidance for Grown-Ups


Autumn 1

What Goes on in a Place Like This?

Our Creative Theme for Autumn 1 is 'What Goes on in a Place Like This?'

Throughout the Creative Theme we will take the time to learn about one another, our local community and our school. We will learn how to get along with other children, how to share and how to build positive relationships with the teachers and our peers. We will decide what our class Mission Statement and rules will be and we will get to know the daily routine that takes place in Reception.  

Personal Social and Emotional Development, Communication and Language and Physical Development will be our main focus. We will develop confidence when going to the dinner hall to eat lunch, we will learn how to dress and undress independently for P.E. and we will persevere with new challenges that occurred when starting Literacy and Mathematics lessons.

Keep checking our page to find out just what does happen in a place like Snapethorpe!


Autumn 2

Aliens, Aliens, Where Are You?

Our Creative Theme for Autumn 1 is 'Aliens, Aliens, Where Are You?'

Throughout the Creative Theme we will be using a variety of construction materials to create alien models, masks and pictures. We will use the masks in an alien parade during which we will explore the sound of a range of instruments as we make music to march to. We will be enjoying a visit from Conrad Burdekin who is a creative writer and poet all before we start preparations for the man in the red suit! Festive activities will include Christmas crafts and, of course, a nativity production for parents and carers!

Keep checking to see what happens when we go looking for aliens!


Spring 1

Where Did All the Dinosaurs Go?

Our Creative Theme for Spring 1 is 'Where Did All the Dinosaurs Go?'

Throughout the Creative Theme we will be learning about - you guessed it - dinosaurs! The children will be practising a variety of dinosaur songs, noticing similarities and differences between the small world dinosaurs in the provision, designing and sculpting clay dinosaurs, discovering dinosaur fossils and skeletons and learning about dinosaurs through continuous provision enhancements in the areas. At the end of the topic we will be having a visit from Rex the T-Rex so hold on to your hats everybody!

Keep checking our page and help us discover just where all the dinosaurs did go!

Thank you to everybody who bought buns and participated in our raffle and games - all funds will go towards hiring Rex the T-Rex at the end of this half term. This is a very exciting opportunity for the children and we greatly appreciate your support.

Rex the T-Rex

We had a visit from Rex the T-rex! You may have seen him before on 'The Secret Life of 4 Years Olds'! He was absolutely huge at 8ft tall and 17ft long! He had a very loud roar and he could do some amazing tricks with his trainer. We had a fabulous - if perhaps a little frightening - time with Rex, thank you for coming!


Spring 2

How Does Your Garden Grow?

Our Creative Theme for Spring 2 is 'How Does Your Garden Grow?'

Throughout the Creative Theme we will take the time to plant seeds and grow our own beanstalks just like Jack! Our books of the week will be: Jasper’s Beanstalk, Jack and the Beanstalk, Oliver’s Fruit Salad, Oliver’s Vegetables, The Enormous Turnip, Eddie’s Garden and How to Make Things Grow and Titch. As we approach the Easter Holidays the children will be creating Easter cards for loved ones, we will be having a visit from Freda at St George’s church and we will be having a party with a bonnet parade and an egg hunt!

Keep checking our page to find out just exactly how our garden does grow!