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In Reception we have:

Adorable Apple Trees

Mrs Sadler (Class Teacher) and Mrs Cook (Teaching Assistant)

Magnificent Monkey Puzzle Trees

Miss King (Class Teacher), Mrs Gascoigne (Teaching Assistant) and Mrs Gibson (Teaching Assistant)

Smart Sycamore Trees

Miss Russell (Class Teacher) and Mrs Gelder (Teaching Assistant)


Everybody in Reception would like to say,

"Welcome to our page!"


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Early Years Long Term Curriculum Planning


Autumn 1

What Can You See Through the Window?

Our Creative Theme for Autumn 1 is 'What Can You See Through the Window?'

Throughout the Creative Theme we will take the time to learn about one another, our local community and our school. We will learn how to get along with other children, how to share and how to build positive relationships with the teachers and our peers. We will decide what our class Mission Statement and rules will be and we will get to know the daily routine that takes place in Reception.  

Personal Social and Emotional Development, Communication and Language and Physical Development will be our main focus. We will develop confidence when going to the dinner hall to eat lunch, we will learn how to dress and undress independently for P.E. and we will persevere with new challenges that occurred when starting Literacy and Mathematics lessons.

Keep checking our page to find out what, and who, we can see through the window!